Visa or no visa?

Most that come to Vietnam are required to have a visa before they arrive in the country. However, there are some countries which can enter the country sans-visa for certain periods of time. Those countries are:

30 day visit: Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

21 day visit: Philippines

15 day visit: Brunei, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Japan and recently Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy

Other countries are required to get a visa before arriving in Vietnam. The process is simple, but does require some planning ahead of time. There are a few ways to go about getting a visa for Vietnam…

Option 1: You can apply for a visa at the Vietnamese embassy in your country. Each country’s requirements will vary slightly, so be sure to check the visa application procedure with the embassy beforehand – and leave enough time to get everything completed before your trip. A few weeks prior will usually leave enough time for paperwork to be processed before a flight.

Option 2: You can get a visa on arrival in Vietnam as long as you have pre-registered before travelling. This can be done via a travel agency, and you will only need to fill in a form (and pay a small fee). After providing them with the information they need, they’ll either mail or email you an invitation letter. Be sure to take this letter with you as you may be denied boarding if you do not have a copy! When you arrive into the country you will be able to pay for your visa and have the document issued.

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