Art performance

  • Hat Then

    Hat Then

    The then song is the religious music of the Tay, Nung minorities. This type of song can be considered a religious performance of Long Poems which depict a journey to the heavens to ask the Jade Emperor to settle trouble for the head of the household.

  • Hat Van

    Hat Van

    Hat van or hat chau van, a traditional folk art which combines singing and dancing, is a religious form of art used for extolling the merits of beneficent deities or deified national heroes. Its music and poetry are mingled with a variety of rhythms, pauses, tempos, stresses and pitches.

  • Classical Opera or Tuong

    Classical Opera or Tuong

    Tuong, also called hat boi in the south, is a stage performance that came about during the Ly-Tran dynasties and that became very popular nationwide during the following centuries.

  • Cai luong

    Cai luong

    Cai luong is a kind of folk music that developed in the early 20th century. It was first played by amateurs in the south. Thanks to their soft voices, southerners sing cai luong very romantically.

  • Cheo or Vietnamese Popular Theatre

    Cheo or Vietnamese Popular Theatre

    Cheo is a form of stage performance that originated in the northern countryside. The word cheo means “lyrics of folk ballads, proverbs”.

  • Water Puppets

    Water Puppets

    Puppets are made of wood and coated with waterproof paint. Each puppet is handmade, has its own posture and expresses a certain character. The most outstanding puppet is known as chu teuwhich has a round face and a humorous and optimistic smile. The show starts with chu teu, dressed in an odd costume, offering joyful laughter.

  • Quan Ho

    Quan Ho

    Quan ho singing is a folk art of a highly collective nature. Those who sing are not entertainers, but all are part of the performance, and anyone is welcome to join.

  • Ca Tru

    Ca Tru

    Ca tru is a musical genre that calls for expertise as well as sensibility on the part of the listeners. In return, it provides the most refined enjoyment.

  • Royal dance

    Royal dance

    Royal dance in Viet Nam had a development processduring many dynasties, from Dinh Dynasty in the 10thcentury to the Nguyen Dynasty in the early 20th century.