• Bun bo gio heo (Bun bo Hue)

    Bun bo gio heo (Bun bo Hue)

    Preparing Bun bo gio heo is very skillful. Pig leg is clean-shaved, chopped into even slices with adequate bone, meat and skin, mixed with lean beefs, and soaked with salt, pepper, fish sauce, dry onion and spices.

  • Banh Beo

    Banh Beo

    Banh beo is a specialty and indispensable in Hue City. Banh beo is delicious with its core stuffed with small shrimps and sauce made from a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, garlic, chilly and fresh small shrimps, watery grease. Therefore, it offers customers with sweet, buttery and smelling flavors

  • Banh Cuon

    Banh Cuon

    Banh cuon is popular to Vietnamese as disk for breakfast. The cake preparing process includes grilled rice which is steamed and oil-spread to have sweet-smelling. Banh cuonis prepared available. Leaves of cake put on plate as the customers ask for the disk

  • Cha ca La Vong

    Cha ca La Vong

    Cha ca is made from mud-fish, snake-headed fish, but the best one is Hemibagrus (Ca lang). Fish bone is left away to keep fish meat only, then seasoning, clipping by pieces of bamboo, and frying by coal heat. An oven of coal heat is needed when serving to keep Cha ca always hot

  • Snail


    Snail dish is a popular but unique dish of Hanoi people. It is easy to order some dishes like snail steamed with ginger leaf, gingered snail, snail sauted with carambola, snail boiled with lemon leaf, snail steamed with Chinese herbs, and so on, in many small restaurants, restaurants, and even hotels.

  • Bun Thang

    Bun Thang

    Dishes made of soft noodle soup are diverse such as vermicelli and fried chopped meat, Bun Thang, vermicelli and sour crab soup, stewed vermicelli and boiled lean meat, etc. The popular dish is vermicelli and sour crab soup whilst Bun Thang is for con-noisseurs, unique and available in Hanoi only.

  • Pho


    Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, can also be seen as one of the most typical dishes cuisine of Vietnam. Pho is the main ingredient of noodles and broth (or soups by calling the South) along with beef or chicken sliced thin. There is also accompanied by condiments such as soy sauce, pepper, lemon juice, fish sauce, chili, ..

  • Gio lua

    Gio lua

    By itself, the name “silky lean meat paste” evokes thoughts of the silky aspect of this speciality. Gio lua is made with lean pig meat, which is pounded with a pestle until it becomes a sticky paste.

  • Nem


    Nem (called cha gio in the south) is a much-appreciated speciality, although it is very easy to prepare. Since long ago, nem ran has been a familiar dish on the menu at all households during the New Year’s festivities, at family parties, and at receptions.

  • Tet Food

    Tet Food

    Some foods in the traditional Tet Vietnam: Banh Chung and banh Tet, Dried bamboo shoot soup, Pickled onions...